06 januari, 2015 | Door Dimitry

7e05662a01feee7ae0119a7445978a448558b8cc_53ecaa6ba68db.fair-popup-620x413If you need another reason to take the ferry to the up-and coming Amsterdam Noord, on the Van der Pekstraat, a new hybrid market called ‘Pekmarkt’ started taking off and is worthwhile the visit.

The Pekmarkt is not completely new, but let’s say it’s renewed and back at its original location. Beside the usual products, Pekmarkt combines the traditional, but declining goods with the popular foods. On Friday there’s an organic market and on Saturday there’s vintage and curiosities.

This innovative combination is supposed to give a significant boost to the up & coming Amsterdam Noord, bringing together the traditional working-class inhabitants of Noord with new a crowd of local craftsmen, young city dwellers and tourists.

For more information check out their Pekmarkt facebook.

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Toon woningen in Amsterdam Noord