Nieuw Sloten (New Sloten)

Nieuw Sloten is a district of the municipality Amsterdam and has a population of approximately 12,000 inhabitants.

The name Nieuw Sloten has been borrowed from the surrounding village Sloten. Between 1960 and 1988 the horticulture village Sloten was situated in this area, which was the replacement for the horticulturists who had to give way for the construction of the district Overtoomse Veld.

Nieuw Sloten has been built much more compactly than the neighbouring Western Horticulture Cities, which had been built about thirty years earlier. In 1991 the first houses could be taken in use. In the district exists a mixture of low, medium and high buildings, which were halfway built up in the years ninety. 4824 houses have been built, on average 53 houses per hectare, whereof 45%-55% are houses for rent.

In Nieuw Sloten the streets have been named after cities and villages of Belgium. Situated in the middle of the district Nieuw Sloten is the Kasterleepark. The main shopping centre is located next to the België Plein (Belgium square) and the Kasterleepark.

Nieuw Sloten is confined by the Plesmanlaan, Christoffel Plantijnpad, Sloterweg and the Vrije Geer. Since 1991 the tram line 2 provides a good connection to Nieuw Sloten.

With the construction of the district the extension became part of Slotervaart/Overtoomse Veld in 1990, which has been shortened to Slotervaart in 2004. Nieuw Sloten is situated at the south-western border of Amsterdam between the old village Sloten and the western horticulture cities Slotervaart and Osdorp.