22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


Pop-up dinner and brunch place G’s “A Really Nice Place,” might be one of Amsterdam’s best kept secrets and by far the nicest place you’ll go to, for a traditional brunch complete with mimosas, bellinis and bloody marys.

This hybrid bar and café hidden in the laneway maze of Amsterdam’s Jordaan neighbourhood serves distinguished interpretations of the classic brunch options with a little bit of old-world panache. Your bow tie adorned waiter could serve up a sweet little vintage plate carrying eggs on artisanal English muffins or crumpets, Challah bread French toast with banana and cinnamon sugar, or the healthy but lush Ibiza Salad, all under the soft glow of a chandelier.

True to its name, G&T’s is a really really nice place: warm, cozy and eclectic, with lots of exiting stuff happening: from pop-up dinners to theme nights (think of; Les Parapluies de Cherbourg, the Amélie of the 60′s) to Sunday brunches and Mad Hatter’s Teaparties.

The owner, George used to be a Canadian bankers but after organizing various parties, just for fun, in 2011 George (along with back then partner Tanya) opened G’s and quit his job to use all of his energy on the the restaurant.

Fridays there’s usually a pop-up dinner, Saturday and Sunday they do brunch and Sunday night is movie night. But also quizzes, knitting get-togethers, absinthe nights or even corporate meetings are on the menu. The crowd that gathers here is a mixture of expats, creatives and cool Amsterdam people.

G’s is located in the northern part of the Jordaan district, to the west of Amsterdam’s central train station.

Goudbloemstraat 91, Amsterdam

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