22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


Hutspot (named after a famous Dutch winter meal,) is a brand new store/shop concept, centrally located in the van Woustraat, Amsterdam.

In this amazing store, owned by 4 young Dutch guys, young and upcoming creative talents have the opportunity to sell their products in their own space within the shop. Besides their products, you can pass by for a really really great breakfast or lunch.

Also, the gentlemen can visit their in-house barbershop, enjoying the luxury of a good old straight razor shave or trim a long with a Bocca coffee, wisky or cold beer.

Literally everything is for saleā€¦ the artwork, the wall garden, the lighting fixtures, cupboards and shelving, the old 90cc Vespa scooter, even the cash register.

This is a place you must visit.

Address: Van Woustraat 4 (Albert Cuyp area)

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