22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


If you happen to spend your saturday wondering around the Kinkerbuurt or the lovely Jordaan in need of a caffeine fix, look no further, “Lot Sixty One” will cut it.

Besides the awesome retro vibe with loads of cool design aspects in both locations, these two newly opened coffeeshops have excellent coffee, sweets and super friendly service.

The owners, Adam and Paul, are childhood friends from Australia, have lived all over and chose Amsterdam over Berlin to open their coffee roaster and shop, Lot Sixty One.

Besides creating a place where people would come to enjoy really good coffee, they also wanted to provoke a change in Dutch attitudes towards drinking coffee. Together, they wanted to introduce Amsterdam, with the full coffee ‘experience,’ meaning, coffee induced through coffee beans roasted on the premise, a ceramic filter, glass filter, custom-designed espresso machine where through a process of hours and via a meter long Japanese-style cold drip the coffe get prepared.

“Holland has this very strong tradition of drinking strong filter coffee,” who knows, this elegant coffe brewing process might win hearts.

To add to the experience, there’s space enough in the back to hold workshops and people with ideas are invited to share them.

In all, a great place for great coffee along with homemade apple cake, or just a simple take-away.

Opening times: Mo – Fr: 8 – 18, Sa-Su: 10 – 18

Where: Kinkerstraat 112 or Eerste Tuindwarsstraat 16

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