22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


If this home doesn’t look stylish as hell, I don’t know what does. The home, belonging to the esthetically immensely-developed British couple Samira Kafala & Jake Noakes and their two kids, Ramzy and Raya, has so much soul, it’s groovy, fun and lighthearted.

Like many young creatives, the couple started traveling the world, and eventually ended up in Amsterdam. The, by then still two, settled in a former school building that now functions as a home and work space.

Despite the building looking a bit dull from outside, the pair have succeeded in creating a functional and harmonious space, as the apartment has been stylefully furnished with antiques, a special collection of artworks, records, books, sneakers and a selection of their own creative work.

Samira Kafala and Jake Noakes seem to really enjoy a partnership that goes beyond each of their own personal creative endeavors. I always wonder how people like these do it, look fantastic, have an amazing home + job and also be such awesome looking parents. In the mean time, I’ll hope to once find a place which I can fill with objects and a tiny a bit of magic so that everyone who comes in feels right at home and at ease.

These pictures are accompanied by a great interview by Thijs van Velzen, on on of my favorite website, called “Freunde von Freunden.” Photographs by Jordi Huisman.

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Toon woningen in Oud West