22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


Always wondered how a canal house looked like from the inside? This Amsterdam canal house is just as nice as you would expect. Built in 1780 and situated on a small canal in the middle of the city center, the house may seem awkwardly tall and narrow to modern tastes — in the old days you paid tax according to the width of the facade — but in compensation the rooms are long and generously deep, with three stories overlooking the wonderful view.

Amsterdam caDanish expat couple Gry and Henry fell for their home at first sight, but much work needed to be done to make it livable again. Because they wanted to respect the age of their new home, they chose to use vintage materials from demolished houses, while the furniture was sourced from flea markets. In the kitchen, a large wooden fridge from the 1920s now holds pots and pans (and inspired the design of the cabinetry), while wooden boxes from an old slaughterhouse have also become part of the kitchen storage.

The sand-coloured limestone for the kitchen and bathroom countertops came from the wine cellar of an old French castle, and the dining room table made from recycled boards was designed by Piet Hein Eek, one of Holland’s greatest contemporary designers. The floors throughout are original to the house — and after much work now glow with all their former beauty. A lovely home that embraces both past and present.

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