22 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


Denim capital Holland, is welcoming yet another newly established brand, Good Genes, to open their first concept store in Amsterdam.

The brand originated in the Bronx (by Steve TePas, founder of BlueBlood) and is based on the virtues of heritage, craftsmanship and commitment to quality.

Their clothing is uncomplicated and made from the finest fabrics available, ranging from; Japanese and Italian Selvedge denims, baby alpaca from Peru, super180’s to cashmere from Italy.

Located in the in the Pijp, the store is housed in a 19th century building with an industrial past. Many of the original elements have been retained and mixed with contemporary and vintage elements, giving the store that cool “New York vibe”. The decor is quite manly, yet has somewhat been softened up by an abundance of potted plants. Behind the retail space, you’ll find a showroom and workshop with ingenious machinery, where they can actually make a pair of jeans.

Good Genes offer contemporary jeans, suits, jackets, coats, dress shirts, sweaters, cardigans and tees, both for man and woman.

So, if you are a serious denim-freak, you should definitely go there and have your ideal pair of jeans made especially for you.

Location: Albert Cuypstraat 33-35

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