23 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry

Iraq, Tikkirt, people running away from bombing, elevated view

Framed in Print is a new exhibition at Foam, the photography museum in Amsterdam, and will highlight photography in Dutch magazines like Avenue, Avantgarde, Elegance and Nieuwe Revu .

This retrospective of the best magazine photography features works dating back to the 1970s. The wide range of styles and scenes on display reflects the broad scope that magazine photography covers, with everything from street scenes to posed portraits of models and celebrities.

Photographers involved in the exhibition include Boudewijn Neuteboom and Bart Nieuwenhuijs, all of whom’s work had a great influence on advertising and fashion photography in the Netherlands. The exhibition is divided into themes so, for example, you can see fashion photography but also culinary, travel and sport images.

Until December 11, check out:


egypte djoser april 2002 c peter van de velde_TopCarousselLandscape


sylvia kristel - actrice emmanuelle nieuwe revu januari 1975 c c. barton van flymen_TopCarousselSquare