29 oktober, 2013 | Door Dimitry


The Dutch newspaper “Volkskrant” also has their pretty cool artsy/fashion/opinion weekend edition called “the Volkskrant magazine”. In it, every week, the magazine features a spread of different individuals in their own spaces. It doesn’t matter what kind of interior this is, as long as the people in it are special. They are discovered and ‘action styled’ by Tatjana Quax who forms a brilliant team with photographer Inga Powilleit and VK magazine chief editor José Rozenbroek. Together they travel every corner of Holland… A great project for discovering artists in their intimates home.

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vk bas kosters - shadow 006 volkskrant magazine Volkskrant-Magazine-aat-veldhoen-1-600x401Volkskrant-Magazine-annerobert-5-600x399 Volkskrant-Magazine-dennis-le-poole-15-600x400 Volkskrant-Magazine-fransmaria-11-600x399 Volkskrant-Magazine-guusvan-den-akker-7-600x399Volkskrant-Magazine-margreeth-olsthoorn-3-600x399 Volkskrant-Magazine-monique-steenbergen-4-600x399 Volkskrant-Magazine-riacharlie-6-600x399 Volkskrant-Magazine-sam-ming-9-600x400 Volkskrant-Magazine-thomas-eijk-8-600x399






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