01 april, 2014 | Door Dimitry


Brand new brewery “Brouwerij Troost” just opened their cafe in a former convent in De Pijp.

The main focus at Brouwerij Troost is to brew drinkable, Dutch beer (they make a point of not doing any of the ‘crazy stuff’ the Germans and Belgians do to theirs) with lots of taste, which they do on and in sight of anyone who cares to watch.

Breweries have lately been occupying buildings that have lost their old function. Windmills, factory buildings, churches and other buildings are now kept intact on the outside while on the inside giving us new beer like “Troost” or “Brouwerij aan’t IJ“.

The building used to be an old monastery, and before it became Troost, it was an unemployment office on the roomy Cornelis Troost square, also giving the brewery its name, Troost, which in Dutch means comfort.

Interior-wise, Troost has more of a canteen feel to it then elegant bistro utilitarianism. The brewing vats make up a big part of the interior and even some of the exterior because they stand behind glass.

The building is huge with the brewery just occupying a wing. It still holds the local police and a hotel, it also is an example of the pre-war Amsterdam architecture style.

In addition to their own beers brewed on site, Troost offers food for lunch and dinner. Of course, almost everything on the menu pairs well with beer. Check out the menu here (including vegetarian dishes).

Reminder: Don’t forget your card, you can only pay with PIN at Troost.

Brouwerij Troost

Cornelis Troostplein 23, Amsterdam



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Toon woningen in De Pijp