17 april, 2014 | Door Dimitry

Food-Film-Festival-2013-coverWesterpark is one of Amsterdam’s most colorful areas, with some of the most affordable homes in the city. Also, the neighborhood is home to a growing underground scene of super cool events and trendy retro clubs that attract a crowd of creative trendsetters.

One of these cool events is the Film Food Festival.

The Food Film Festival introduces audiences to a very special sub-genre of film: that which brings attention to our conceptions and notions regarding food and its production.

Established by the Youth Food Movement (YFM), the festival was started as a way to put more attention on important issues surrounding contemporary food production processes.

Alongside the cinematic programme, a series of unique workshops provide a hand-on approach to food and cooking while there are also debates, readings and other events.

There’s a children’s programme introducing the younger generation to the world of food and a special Food Film Expo usually provides an art and design perspective on the issues affecting food and society.

Film tickets and more information are available on the Food Film Festival website.

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