02 juni, 2014 | Door Dimitry


The 21st of june this year, one of the most unique and new sustainable urban developments in Amsterdam called “The Purifying Ceuvel Park”, will officially open.

The area of ‘The Ceuvel’ used to be an abandoned and polluted former ship wharf located in the city centre, north of Amsterdam.

DELVA Landscape Architects, in close collaboration with a group of young entrepreneurs decided to use the site as a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurs for the next ten years and fill the site with retro houseboats placed around a winding wooden walkway surrounded by a landscape of soil-cleaning plants.

Each of the upgraded boats in the park have offices, ateliers, and workshops for creative and social enterprises, also including a public teahouse and bed & breakfast.

The purifying methods of the park consists of green grasses, perennials, short rotation coppice and mature trees for the uptake and degradation of pollution. The plant species are specifically selected for this area; plants that suit the rugged nature of the industrial terrain of Buiksloterham. The pruning of the park is not transported elsewhere but remains on the property and is used to create products from biomass. A biomass digester converts biomass into energy that is used in the area.


With a cost of only 5.000 euros for materials, the return on investment for the installed clean technologies will be less than three years.

The challenge of this park is to stimulate commercial and social appropriation and create value on both. Activation of areas ensures that underutilized spaces come to the attention again.

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