01 oktober, 2014 | Door Dimitry



Old Masters by New Masters is about three talented urban street artists whom have recreated pieces of Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Willem van de Velde in the streets of Amsterdam. 

One of the main sponsors, ING wants to bring the art and culture from the Rijksmuseum to a broad audience and also closer to the audience… Literally. ‘Old Masters by New Masters’ is a project in which urban artists get inspired by works in the Rijksmuseum and then re-create those pieces in the streets of Amsterdam. Michel Alders (aka Focuz), TelmoMiel and Donovon Spaanstra created their version of masterpieces by Rembrandt, Frans Hals and Willem van de Velde.

In this short documentary you can see how the new masters bring to life the old masters with modern graffiti techniques.

1_ing-rijksmuseum-kunst-pr-stunt-1551 ANP PRESSLINK 3_ing-rijksmuseum-kunst-pr-stunt-1530 5_ing-rijksmuseum-kunst-pr-stunt-1457 6_ing-rijksmuseum-kunst-pr-stunt-1580


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