22 april, 2016 | Door Dimitry

N2Spring has finally sprung and Amsterdam is looking ever more vibrant. The days are not only longer but warmer too, and everyone is out and about enjoying the weather. This city is filled with life and consequently, many new open air events!

Such as the open-air exhibition Energetica, on the NEMO rooftop building – highest city square in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam’s Science Centre NEMO will debut its rooftop Energetica exhibition, turning the space into an interactive, innovative experience to show visitors how to use the power of the elements to generate energy.

You can find out about the sun, wind and sustainable energy through the interactive sculptures of the Energetica open-air exhibition.

Enjoy the sunshine while you look out over the city and Amsterdam’s historic harbour front. Experience the energy of the elements. And allow your imagination to transport you back to the Golden Age, when the wind was also an important natural force, carrying the merchants’ sailing ships to all parts of the world.

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