06 mei, 2016 | Door Dimitry

The A’dam Tower (the former head quarter of oil company Shell) will open on May 14, 2016 with an amazing 360° panoramic view across all of Amsterdam.

The attraction gives a full view of the river IJ, just across from Central Station and over Amsterdam’s historic city center, west, the IJsselmeer lake in the East, and the uniquely Dutch landscape (complete with farms and villages) to the north.
The additional swingset sends you (in a full-body safety harness), flying back and forth over the edge of the deck. You’ll need a separate ticket for the swing, on top of your Lookout entry ticket. At this moment the swing is still under construction and swing-tickets are not yet for sale.
The platform will be open from May 14. Tickets can be bought A’dam Lookout website. The attraction works with time slots, to avoid crowding.
Tickets are E 15,- per person (50% off for children 4-12). The tower is 85 meter high, and will be open 7 days a week, from 10am to 10pm.
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