02 juni, 2016 | Door Dimitry

The winners of the Amsterdam Architecture Prize 2016 have build a sustainable swimming pool complex in amsterdam called the Noorderparkbad.

located in Amsterdam North and designed by local-based practice de architekten cie, the ‘Noorderparkbad’ pool is the newest public family pool – replacing the old Floraparkbad – and will serve as a meeting place for new and old ‘Northerners’ with indoor and outdoor pools, a water slide and a catering facility for the whole neighbourhood.

The wavy rain curtain is the most striking element of the Noorderparkbad. Primarily an educational element, it communicates how closely the swimming pool is connected to water. On a rainy day, the water flows like a waterfall trickling down the curtain and lets the visitor see how rainwater becomes bathing water. On sunny days the curtain shimmers like a congealed cascade, while on wintry days the ice crystals transform the building into an ice palace. Also, the curtain theatrically marks the entrances to the pool: it is pulled up and guides the visitor into the building.

The jury considers the pool to be exemplary of the tremendous development that North Amsterdam is going through.

all images courtesy of de architekten cie

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