01 February, 2017 | By Dimitry

Amsterdam North

Amsterdam Noord has a mix of modern and older housing. The outskirts retain their village feel, while closer to the centre industrial buildings and ship yards are giving way to artists, new media and modern apartments. Also PATCH22.

PATCH22 is an energy-neutral building with a unique 30m high wooden load bearing structure in which the wooden columns , wooden beams and wooden walls remain visible. The apartments have a totally flexible layout by using hollow floors in which the installations can be adjusted as desired.
Patch22 started as a competition entry for a sustainability tender issued by the city of Amsterdam for the redevelopment of Buiksloterham. As Amsterdam has ambitions to only develop climate neutral buildings as of 2015, the demands were set high: all applicants should develop climate neutrally and have their buildings assessed by GPR©gebouw en Rekentabel Klimaatneutraal Bouwen, two quantifiers of sustainable building. Within these parameters FRANTZEN et al saw an opportunity to propose a fully wooden structure and to develop that building themselves.
Also, the tenants of Patch22, can design and create their own floor plans thanks to the project’s impressive level of flexibility. The architects designed Patch22 with multifunctionality in mind– the team anticipated different future uses so that the building can accommodate housing units or office spaces, depending on circumstances.


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