17 March, 2017 | By Dimitry

Amsterdam City Centre

The city of Amsterdam just added another attraction to its long list of must-sees. Artists Arno Coenen, Iris Roskam and Hans van Bentem converted an arched passageway into Amsterdam Oersoep, an immersive art project decorated with seemingly innumerable references to the city of Amsterdam.

Each object, from the ceiling to the floors, has symbolic references to the city of Amsterdam, its history and its future. Glass mosaic, traditional Italian terrazzo, gilded mirrors, and recycled bicycle chandeliers are just a few of the beautiful elements that make up the intricate and enchanting artwork.

Hans van Bentem: “The ceiling for example contains a tube of paint that flows into a rainbow referring to the colorful nature of Amsterdam, its tolerance for the LGBTQ community but it also contains the image of a tiger, liquor bottles, fish, rats and numerous art historical references to famous artists like Van Gogh and Rembrandt.”

The hallway was created as part of a redevelopment project called Nowadays that encompasses the passageway and the buildings attached to it on Nieuwendijk and Damrak. The passageway between Damrak avenue and the street of Nieuwendijk popularly used among Amsterdam residents and tourists. The renewed Beurspassage was created as a major tourist attraction, beautification project, and to include the world€™s longest coffee bar in the world: Liquid Mokum.

Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-1-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-2-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-3-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-4-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-5-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-6-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-7-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-8-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-9-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-10-1020x610 (1) Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-11-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-12-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-13-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-14-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-16-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-17-1020x610 Amsterdam-Oersoep-by-RAMSA-Rijnboutt-18-1020x610

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