23 March, 2017 | By Dimitry

Brand new co-working space and restaurant in Amsterdam West

Besides beautiful Canals and bicycle paths, another reason to visit Amsterdam will be the uprise of co-working spaces. The cosmopolitan city just welcomed another beautiful landmark with a gorgeous multipurpose space for both work and play.

Situated in Amsterdam West’s De Hallen, the former tram depot now embodies a contemporary venue packed with a combination of lively recreational as well as quiet office-like areas.

The Kanarie Club is a stunning example of adaptive reuse that’s refreshingly modern without compromising the building’s historic integrity.

During the day, the kanarie club accommodates as a work space with special facilities such as lockers, charging points and large group tables available for working at. in addition, a strong graphic identity has been introduced to the venue. tram signage and language has been used for the restaurant, while bespoke furniture resembles the vintage design of the old electric trams. combined with the planted greenery, bold colors and lighting, the interior proves to be a lively and diverse location to visit in Amsterdam-West.

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