16 June, 2017 | By Dimitry

Glamping or “glamorous camping” is a relatively new word in the English language. Yet, glamping has been around awhile. Ten years ago, glamping was still an indie getaway. In fact, it wasn’t even called glamping. Early adopters simply said they were “going on a chic camping excursion.” Nobody asked questions because “chic” and “camping” were rarely used in the same sentence.
Fast forward to 2017 and you’d be hard-pressed to find an in-the-know traveler who a) doesn’t know about glamping, or b) hasn’t tasted the upscale tent-life themselves.
Ever since posh pioneers and word-of-mouth built the bones of the business, we can trace glamping’s indie-to-mainstream move all over the world. So also in Holland!
If you feel like a litte gettaway for the summer, we have got you covered. See below for our 5 X most amazing and cutest glamping sites in Holland.
1-Surf Bus: glamorous camping by booking an overnight stay in a Surf Bus. A 7 meter long Mercedes bus, equipped with all the things you need on a getaway. The bus is available for rent for 2 days and stands at the Boerencamping Natuurlijk Genoegen in Driehuizen.
Surf-Bus large-8903
2-Texel Yurts: as if you are a weekend in Mongolia, that’s how it feels like sleeping in a nomad tent (yurt) in Texel. The combination of luxury and simplicity makes it perfect for a weekend away with the family or your lover.
3-Landgoed Ginkelduin: enjoying and spending the night in the woods and the nature? That can be done at Landgoed Ginkelduin on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug. It’s the perfect place for nature lovers with many possibilities such as interesting (and romantic!) walks and impressive cycling tours. Perfect for a couple of days with the family!
Duynpark het Zwanenwater - Jutter - Puur Genieten bij Zon Zee Strandduynpark-het-zwanenwater-1893700297
4-Duynpark: on safari in the Netherlands? Stay in a luxurious lodge in Callantsoog with a maximum of 8 people. You enter the sea in the morning from your own beach lodge. Who wouldn’t want that?! Gather some friends and book your stay!
5-Watervilla: always wanted to spend the night on the water? This can be done in these water villas in ‘Wijde Ee’ in Friesland. The water villa is suitable for 6 people and has a jacuzzi or sauna next to the living room with open kitchen. Enough water activities if you ask me!
Which glampings in The Netherlands are you going to visit?