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Nieuw-Vennep is a town in the Dutch province of North Holland. It is a part of the municipality of Haarlemmermeer and lies about 10 km southwest of the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

Nieuw-Vennep has about 30,000 inhabitants and the wider statistical area of Nieuw-Vennep has a population of around 40,000. The built-up area of the town contained 7513 residences in 2006.


Nieuw-Vennep is one of the two villages which were officially founded after the draining of the Haarlemmermeer, with the village Hoofddorp as the main one. Up to 1868 Nieuw-Vennep was called Venneperdorp and during the sixties it was modified into Vennep. In former days the island Vennip or Vennep was situated in the north-western part of the current Nieuw-Vennep, which has also been the eponym for Nieuw-Vennep.

The first occupants were farm labours who had to live under tough circumstances and suffer from war. The village obtained the nickname De Krim, inferred by the Krimoorlog war which raged between 1853 and 1856. Because Hoofddorp was the administrative and economic centre of the municipality, Nieuw-Vennep lagged behind. On the 2nd November, 1862 the Dutch Hervormde kerk (Reformed Church or also the White Church) was taken into use.

After the World War II Nieuw-Vennep experienced a fast growth in population, starting of with 3000 inhabitants in 1958 to about 14,000 inhabitants in 1975. In 2006 Nieuw-Vennep already captured 30,000 occupants. The position at the edge of the city and the extension within the city contributed to the increase.

Nieuw-Vennep today

The village consists of the following districts: East, Welgelegen-West, Linquenda, Welgelegen-North, centre, Getsewoud-South and North, the industry area Spoorzicht, the business park Nieuw-Vennep South and the industry area Pioneer.

In 1998 the construction of Getsewoud-South was started and in 1999 Getsewoud-North followed. The construction of Getsewoud, the entirely renewed shopping centre and the sport and recreation centre on the North edge of Nieuw-Vennep ensured a doubling of the number of inhabitants.

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Nieuw-Vennep lies at the interface of the Venneperweg and Hoofdweg. Venneperweg runs from Beinsdorp to Burgerveen and Hoofdweg from Buitenkaag to Lijnden. The crossing forms the centre of the village. In the east of Nieuw-Vennep runs the A4 with the junction Burgerveen, in the south the N207 and in the west the N205 (Drie Merenweg). Nieuw-Vennep has a train station at Schiphollijn.

In the future Nieuw-Vennep will get connected with the Zuidtangent, the fast bus connection between Haarlem, Hoofddorp, Schiphol, Amstelveen and Amsterdam Zuid Oost. In addition to that several region buses drive to the village.

Famous personalities who lived are still living in the Nieuw-Vennep:

Ari Olivier, the swindler champion, Cor van Stam, the leader of the resistance in the World War II and Mitchell Donald, professional football player at AFC Ajax.