Renting out your property easily and fast?

With JLG Real Estate the rental process will be smoothly.

Rent out your property in 4 steps

Renting out in the dutch free sector housing market; we start with investigating your possibilities.



A strong appearance online is a key to success. We will help you with a strong profile of your property and use your network, partners and e-mailing to reach potential tenants



Screening potential tenants, guidance of viewings, consults and negotiation.



JLG Real Estate will help you to understand all the possibilities when signing agreements between you as an owner and a tenant



A thorough inspection will form the basis for any rental agreement. We will guide you through this process and be there for you during the rental period; from beginning to the end.

We are looking foward meeting you.

A true expert

As Dutch NVM certified brokers, we can advise you on the best possible way to put your property on the market. Not everything is allowed by law when it comes to renting out property – we provide you with valuable advice.


Finding a tenant is one thing. But how do you know if it’s the right one? Thanks to our extensive screening options, we limit the risk of unwanted situations such as the cultivation of hemp, poor payment behaviour, and subleasing or illegitimate use.


We continuously invest in new technologies that help make processes more insightful. On top of that, our methods are safe and transparent. Our goal is to make sure you are happy, so that you pass on the word or show us your appreciation by leaving us a positive review.

An extensive network

We primarily rent out to expats and academically educated people. We collaborate with fellow brokers, relocators and HR departments of multinationals and we advertise on websites like Pararius and Funda.