Hi there, enjoy commission free services.

For all rentals offered by JLG, there is no commission fee charged!

Renting a home

with JLG Real Estate

JLG Real Estate offers every tenant the benefit of commission free services. All houses offered on the JLG website are free of charge, since we get commissioned only by the landlord. You'll receive the same service you would expect from any other agent. Even better, in some cases our agents are happy to help you even after office hours. The rental specialists of JLG will help you get going.

Would you like to be helped with someone looking exclusively into your interest in the search of a house? Check out our rental services program below.

Commission free

JLG does not charge any commission of houses from their portfolio.

Client services

JLG Real Estate is able to provide a professional , client based approach when it comes to finding your new home. Market knowledge, flexibility, efficiency and transparency is what we represent.


Representing you in the search of a house is based on no cure- no pay: we only get commissioned on success!

Broad network

As renowned rental specialists we are basically able to find every house in the market available.

Need help finding your home?

JLG Real Estate is also able to work exclusively on your behalf in finding the perfect home.

When you are looking for a rental accommodation, you’ll find that it is challenging to find the right one under the right conditions.

Things like location, number of rooms might be something doable to cope with, but what about the price, contract terms and legal position? Is anything entitled to put in a contract according Dutch Law? How do I know whether the landlord is trustworthy? With these kind of questions, you need help.

The rental specialists of JLG will not only find and select the best possible houses, but will also guide you through the whole process of viewings, negotiations, contracts and after sales like energy and contracts.




The agent’s commission is equal to a months’ rent excluding 21% VAT, based on no cure-no pay.

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