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A brief History

The municipality of Uithoorn lies at the Amstel river about 20 kilometres from Amsterdam in the southern part of the province of North Holland. The municipality consists of the residential nuclei Uithoorn and De Kwakel with a population of around 26.950 residents. Uithoorn has a surface of 19,49 km² whereof 1,20 km² are covered with water.

Uithoorn is close to Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport and the Aalsmeer Flower Auction, therefore 65% of the working population work outside the borders of the municipality. The residential nucleus De Kwakel is primarily agriculturally oriented and you will find many greenhouse complexes over there.

The old village centre is located on the whimsical curves of the Amstel river with the harbour being pleasantly busy during the summertime. At the quay you can find a tourist office, a number of restaurants (some with a terrace on the water), shops and the weekly market on Wednesdays. Apart from the village centre and neighbourhood-oriented stores there are two large malls located in Uithoorn, the Zijdelwaard and Amsterplein.

Most of the neighbourhoods have a spacious set-up with lots of greenery, water and opportunities for play. Since 1997 Uithoorn is extending in the western direction, as part of the Legmeer-West plan that offers space to realise a total of 700 houses. In addition, new houses will be built at other locations in Uithoorn and De Kwakel.

Culture, nature and recreation

The Thamerkerk (1834), which was renovated in July of 1992, is a national monument. It is a beautiful multipurpose building in which exhibitions by visual artists can be seen on a regular basis. The Uithoorn Foundation for Cultural Activities (Stichting Culturele Activiteiten Uithoorn) organises concerts and theatrical performances in the building as well.

Within the municipality you can find two forts of the Defence Line of Amsterdam (Stelling van Amsterdam), which are part of the World Heritage Site of the UNESCO. Fort aan de Drecht, which was built in 1911 and thoroughly renovated in 2000, is open to the public and hosts temporary exhibitions. The second fortress within the municipality is Fort De Kwakel. Funnily enough, Fort Uithoorn is not located within the municipality, but on the other side of the Amstel.

Uithoorn is home to a 60 hectare nature area with the Zijdelmeer as the centre and Fort aan de Drecht as the farthest point. The park De Biezenwaard offers a lot of opportunities to enjoy the greenery and walking paths, to visit to the children's farm De Olievaar or just to do some sport.

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