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The Westerpark and Westergas

Peaceful and cozy area

All in one Hotspot

The popular Westerpark area in Amsterdam is really a great all-in-one hotspot. It has a lot of nice breakfast and lunch spots, trendy pubs, bars and restaurants, located in and around the former ‘Westergasfabriek’ (Gas factory) area from the 19th century.

Nowadays a lot of cultural activities take place after the factory was abandoned in 1990. Places to go are; Pacific Parc, great for the weekends to have drink a and some dancing. De Bakkerswinkel is perfect for a relaxed breakfast or brunch with their delicious and addictive scones. A good dinnerspot is Raïnaraï. They serve Algerian delicacies, served at the romantic campfire.

Urban Park

In this neighborhood also lies a unique and beautiful urban park. During the summer it is a great spot for leisurely picnics, in the winter a great spot for relaxed walks in the natural surroundings.

Amongst the trees and ponds you can also discovered the figurative sculptures of Westerpark; a collection of commissioned artworks by a variety of different artists that make it a truly unique place.

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